Primitivo di Manduria


"It comes first, with the burning sun; it quenches the thirsts of our dry throats when its brothers are still along the rows shaken by the wind; it frees our heart from any sin with its black drunk of light colour and with its fascinating scents: what is that blackberry juice, that memory of spring, that cut grass, the incredible freshness that becomes fire in our throats? They call it Primitivo and it looks like a vine with no name, just an adjective that explains something about the early time, with the grapes attached to the plants one meter from the ground, a few bunches per vine, the lowest yield in the world that is natural here. [...] You only have to put your ear to the ground and perceive the vibrations of the earth, the water among the stones, the noise of a hoe that breaks the clods; the wind can do nothing against these vines, crouched down like children playing hide and seek. "

MANUELA PIANCASTELLI, "Il Primitivo di Manduria e i suoi fratelli" in "Il Rinascimento del Primitivo di Manduria DOC" – Filo Editore, dicembre 2004